About ELM Photography

Operated by Ed and Linda Morris, and based in Richmond, Virginia, ELM Photography markets Ed's award-winning landscape, scenic, and model railroad photography at art shows and through publications. Ed's model railroad photography has appeared in Finescale Railroader, Rail Magazine, Model Railroader, and in Walthers' annual Big Trains Craft Reference Manuals since 1999.

The bold, vivid colors and fine detail you see in our prints are the result of technology, technique, experience, and the art of print-making. Each print begins as a 35mm transparency or high resolution digital image. Images captured on film are generally shot on Fuji Velvia slide film, which is noted for its vivid, saturated color palette, high contrast, fine grain, and high resolution. Slides selected for publication are scanned to hard disk using a Nikon film scanner. We use a variety of Nikon film and digital cameras and lenses for our photography.

Our prints are created using Epson printers, and archival inks and papers.

The same processes are used to create the battery boxes and labels offered to collectors of Zenith Trans-Oceanic and other vintage portable radios on our companion vintage radio website.


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