Zenith Trans-Oceanic
Model Royal D7000Y (Transistor)

1972 Zenith Trans-Oceanic Royal D7000Y

For most collectors, the Zenith Trans-Oceanic D7000Y is the most desirable model. It is considered to be the last "true" Zenith Trans-Oceanic. It was made and assembled in the United States, and featured the electronic bandspread tuning pioneered in the original tube Trans-Oceanic of 1941. Zenith introduced the Royal D7000Y solid state Trans-Oceanics just before Christmas, 1972. Electronically, the main difference between the D7000Y and earlier 7000 series Trans-Oceanics is that the weather band was tunable rather than fixed crystal controlled.

Cosmetically, many consider this model to be the most attractive Trans-Oceanic. While the cosmetic changes are minor from the earlier 7000 radios, the effect is striking. Otherwise, there is little difference between the first 7000 of 1969 and the D7000Y. But, it has a certain "cachet" that makes it compelling to own.

I found this radio locally, and when I checked it out, the FM band worked well, but I could pick up very little except loud static on the AM and SW bands. However, I could tell there was a lot of RFI in the building, and I felt that the radio would perform better after some maintenance and in a different location.

When I got it home, the first thing I did was spray contact cleaner into each transistor socket (there are 18 or so)and reseat each transistor. Then I installed batteries, as these radios are made to operate on battery power, not AC, and fired it up. Reception on all bands was superb. I felt a great sense of relief. I had a minor glitch with the dial lights and battery meter as I may have installed the battery backwards, but that issue was quickly resolved.

Other than a few minor scratches here and there on the top, the only comsmetic issue was the metal trim in the handle starting to come loose. I removed it and reglued it with contact cement. The photos posted here show the radio as purchased, before any repair, cleaning, or polishing.

The D7000Y is without a doubt a beautiful, well designed radio, with superb sensitivity and selectivity. The audio quality and tone is excellent.