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Everything You Need to Power Your Tube Zenith Trans-Oceanic, RCA Strato-World, Hallicrafters TW and Other Vintage Radios

  • Z-985 Style Reproduction Battery Boxes, Connectors, and Battery Holder Kits

  • Z-985 Replacement Battery Boxes for Jim Poitivient's "ABBattery" Power Supply

  • DIY Z-985 Label Kits

  • Z-1 Batteries and Labels for 8G005 and 600 Series Trans-Oceanics

  • D Cell Reproduction Labels for 7G605 (Sailboat or Bomber) Series Trans-Oceanics

  • Reproduction D Cell Battery Labels for Transistor Zenith Trans-Oceanic Radios

  • Specialty audio cables for Zenith Trans-Oceanics with phono input or FM output jacks

  • Reproduction Battery Box for Battery Operated Farm and Portable Tube Radios

  • Reproduction Battery Boxes and Labels for Other Vintage Portable Radios
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