Resources for Zenith Trans-Oceanics and Vintage Radios

Collecting and Restoring Zenith Trans-Oceanics

Technical Information and Instructions for Our Reproduction Batteries, Labels, and Connectors

  • Instructions for Type AA box: Building Your Own Working A-B battery Using 60 AA Cells
  • Instructions for Type AA box: Building Your Own Working A-B battery Using 10 9-Volt Cells
  • Instructions for Type AB box: Installing abbattery pack in the Z985 box
  • Instructions for "Do-it-yourself" Z-985 label set for Jim Pointivient's ABBattery
  • Instructions for "Do-it-yourself" Z-985 label set for Stan Crook's Wood Box
  • Instructions for D Cell label Set
  • Instructions for Eveready 467/NEDA 200 Label Set
  • Installation and Wiring Instructions for Z-985 Style Battery Connector
  • Instructions for Z-1 Battery, Model I (for Z-1's purchased thru July, 2008)
  • Instructions for Z-1 Battery, Model II (for Z-1's purchased after July, 2008)
  • Instructions for Z-1 Battery, Model III (for Z-1's purchased after April, 2018)
  • Instructions: Build a Farm Radio Battery
  • Build a Working Eveready 467/NEDA 200 battery
  • Z-1 Label Replacement

    Zenith Trans-Oceanic Repair & Restoration Guides and Documents

  • Zenith 500 & 600 Series Trans-Oceanic Restoration Guide
  • Step-by-Step Tutorial on Recovering a Zenith Trans-Oceanic Radio
  • Re-Stuffing the Capacitor Can in 600 and 500 Series Trans-Oceanics
  • Replacing the Selenium Rectifier in 500 and 600 Series Trans-Oceanics
  • How to Align Your Tube Zenith-Transoceanic
  • Slipping Dial Cord Fix, Models 1000 and 1000D Trans-Oceanics
  • Chassis Removal, Models 1000, 1000D, and 3000 Trans-Oceanics
  • Installing the Z1 Connector in the 8G005 Trans-Oceanic
  • Servicing the Trans-Oceanic Battery Connector
  • Zenith Royal 7000 Recapping Guide
  • Repair and Restoration Services

  • Golden Radio Repair, Servicing Most Radios from 1920's through 1970's
  • Sacramento Radio Expo, Restoring all models of Zenith Trans-Oceanic
  • Dale's Antique Radio Repair
  • Jim Barnard's Zenith transistor radio repair service
  • Tom's Antique Radio Repair
  • Orban Audio Speaker Repair & Reconing
  • The Radio Attic, Restoration Resources

    Restoration Parts and Supplies

  • John Kendall's Vintage Electronics: Source for Hard-to-Find Parts for ZTO
  • Antique Electronic Supply
  • Just Radios: The source for capacitors and resistors for ZTO and other vintage radios
  • V-M Audio Enthusiasts: V-M factory parts and manuals for all Voice of Music models. Needles, cartridges, 45 adapters, and the most needed rubber parts for ALL post WWII record changers and tape recorders, including the popular RCA 45 players and Zenith changers. A great site for information, help and the parts you need.
  • West-Tech Services: Crystal Cartridge Rebuilding

    eBay Sellers Offering Zenith Trans-Oceanic Products or Services

  • ABBattery Power Supply
  • Zenith Trans-Oceanic Battery Pack Repair Service
  • Solid State Tube Replacements for 1L6, 1LA6 Adapters, and More
  • Zenith Trans-Oceanic 7000, 3000, and 1000 Repair Service
  • SAM's Photofacts for Zenith Trans-Oceanics

    Note: Products and services may or may not be available at all times. Although I have dealt with some of the sellers listed above, some I have not. Please contact these sellers via eBay messaging if you have any questions about their products or services.

    RCA Victor Special Models Record Players

  • RCA Victor Special Operating Instructions
  • RCA Victor Special Model Schematic
  • RCA Victor Special Model Cosmetic Restoration
  • West-Tech Services: Crystal Cartridge Rebuilding
  • Wyatt's Musical Americana: Motor Service & Rebuilding
  • Miscellany

  • Crosley 5-50 Operating Instructions
  • Talking House AM Tranmitters
  • Classic Rotary Telephones Forum
  • VinylEngine Forum
  • Instructions for Verichron World Time Clock
  • Publications

  • Zenith Trans-Oceanic, The Royalty of Radios, 2nd Edition: A must have book for the serious ZTO enthusiast.

  • Restoration of the Zenith 7G605. Out of Print. Check used books at Amazon or on EBay.